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The human resource manager

The human resource manager and project manager utilizes the noted points in the initial communication model meeting and starts the new organizational structure for a separate customer service functions into a centralized department. The human resource manager and project manager incorporates visual effects showing the benefits for an organization to centralize their customer service department in order to proactively address and manage service.

The human resource manager and project manager will need to implement a town-hall meeting with each business unit on separate occasions to discuss the mission of the new department and organizational structure on the following areas: The core initiative for better customer relationship management plan (CRM). The commitment to a smooth transition from the old standard and to the new. The communication model from the sponsor, project manager to business unit departments. The creation of an advisory committee for proactive approach to address issues

The beneficial aspects for solidifying the human resources project team’s objectives to the completion of the proposed functions. The fundamental aspect indicated above is the usage of the communication model that plays an imperative measure to accomplishing the task to a successful conclusion. Furthermore, the human resources and the project manager responsibility are to effectively communicate to the company desired to batam project. This measure creates a unified leads to entrust the human resources and the project manager with the direction of the new organizational structure changes (Schein, 2004).

The human resource manager commitment to outlining the beneficial aspects in a position to formulate a productive change management model by using the knowledge management concept- to share information on the plan of strategic direction of the company as a whole. The communication model provides the needed phases for a smooth transition for the goal to minimizing the negative effects from employees to refrain from employees being laid off, demoted, etc. and responsibilities shifting.

Therefore, the human resources will communicate the process of the communication model to be utilized by all entities to ensure the proper process for the change transition. According to Cooper, Grey, Raymond, and Walker, (2005) the four “C” are imperative to managing change within a large organization framework: The pursuit for a successful implementation when a structure project will needs to be established that is outside of the normal functional operations, the technique of project management is imperative.

The efforts of the three “C” are communication, cooperation, and coordination that all work together in a profound approach to create a winning coalition with the project team members and senior management (p. 5). ” The three “C” are essentially to providing the means in allowing project management to function in positive environment. The goal of project management is to manage and complete the delivery of the sponsor deliverable on time and on budget by implementing the four “C” concept models. Therefore, the objective of project management within an organization is the ability to achieve the company’s strategic goals and mission.

The human resources manager initiative is to follow the sponsor purpose for the development of the new strategy with stated specifications with the human resources management team effectively planning accordingly. The focus on the human resources management objective allows for a central concentrated effort on the needed tasks - that is outside of the daily organizations functions as business as usual to creating the specific need for the organization strategic planning domestically and internationally.

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